Forestry Stewardship

DV Hardwoods was born in 1992 in Papineauville, Quebec, in an era of heightened environmental awareness. At its founding, it partners were committed to building a hardwood lumber company ready for the challenges of the 21st century. That meant incorporating responsible and sustainable stewardship practices, from sourcing through recycling and reusing.

Green isn’t just a color at DV HARDWOODS, it’s part of our value system.

Sustainable forest management

Responsible sourcing

When our customers buy lumber from DV Hardwoods they can take comfort in knowing that our policies are designed to protect the forest for generations to come. Whether our own production or lumber purchased from our partner mills, we only choose lumber sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable forest management

Through our exclusive partnership with LRF-T we own and manage our wood lots – a territory of 2M wooden acres in Outaouais (Quebec). Our forest management also guarantees us an uninterrupted 25-year supply of the finest raw materials from a thoroughly renewable source.

We harvest less than 30% of trees per 2,5 acres on a 25-year rotation – this allows room for renewal with younger trees. At DV Hardwoods we ensure the forest is left in better shape as we allow younger and more vigorous trees to grow.

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