Export solutions

Our global recognition has been achieved thanks to our superior quality standards. The quality of our resources, together with the precision of our grading standards enable clients to purchase the product that meet their specific requirements.

With constant supply guaranteed by our affiliation with the LRF-T Sawmill, we are able to meet the most demanding needs of our clientele. Year-round supply of northern North American hardwoods such as white and yellow birch, red oak, maple, beech and basswood that are so cherished by connoisseurs, enables us to supply our clients without delay. Our lumber is sold green, kiln dried, or air-dried in accordance with current market standards.

Montreal, Canada to Asia by ocean

Ports of Japan

Ports of China

Ports of Taiwan

25-30 days

25-30 days

25-30 days

Montreal, Canada to Europe

Europeen Ports

7-10 days

With an extensive transportation network throughout Eastern, Central & Western Canada, the United States, Mexico and Overseas, we provide a personalized - on time - delivery service which adapts to our customers requirements.

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